Furniture Refinishing in Barnsboro, New Jersey


The Upholstery Shop in Barnsboro, New Jersey, is proud to be your source for antique and newer furniture restoration. Our restoration expert who specializes in heirloom pieces does all work on the premises. All you need to do is bring your piece to us and let our professional look it over. He will then provide you with information about it, including its value and age.

Refinishing Services Offered


Although Mr. Cundiff can restore just about anything brought to him, the cost in restoring may out-weigh the value of the piece of furniture. Let him advise you as to what he can do, and the cost involved. Mr Cundiff can reglue any loose joints, replace missing veneer, recarve toes or replace missing or destroyed areas.

All furniture is hand stripped, reglued, sanded, stained, sealed and finished. He primarily does natural finishes, but glazing, crackle and cob-webbing are available. Mohawk lacquers are primarily used because they have great diversity, durability and beauty.

Mr. Cundiff will refurbish the original hardware which comes with your piece of furniture, by polishing and clear-coating it. Any missing hardware will be replaced with old hardware if possible, or refitted with reproduction hardware when necessary. Any painted surfaces will have the rust removed, then painted or clear-coated.


Mr Cundiff can also line trunks, jewelry boxes, and drawers with fabrics such as velvets or tapestries.

You would be amazed at what can be done with that old wreck taking up space in your basement or attic, let a true craftsman transform it into a thing of beauty. An heirloom you will be proud to display to your friends and one you will be happy to pass down to family members. Please come into The Upholstery Shop, and see the pictures of hundreds of pieces of furniture, brought in by satisfied customers over the years. Come on in and be dazzled!


Older furniture is unparalleled in quality, in comparison to today's newer furniture. As once reputable furniture companies continue to lower their quality, we see these great manufacturers now living off their once good names. Furniture which used to last 20 to 25 years and even longer, now lasts 2 to 5 years on the average. With today's technology we "could" make furniture that lasts 40 to 50 years ... but then, the stores would never see you again in their life time as a repeat customer, so why bother. Don't be fooled, true craftsmanship takes TIME and plenty of QUALITY MATERIALS, something the furniture industry won't give you. Quality and hand craftsmanship are virtually gone, but for a few custom shops, scattered here and there. In my workshops, your furniture is hand-stripped, disassembled, repaired, reglued, sanded, stained, sealed, light sanded, top-coated, toned/glazed, and top-coated again. Your furniture drawers also finished inside, as well as the interior of your desks and chests ( except cedar). All existing hardware is cleaned, polished and lacquered. If any hardware is missing or broken, I will offer replacements or alternatives, correctly keeping with the time period. I insist on doing it right the first time. I give only quality workmanship. Please give me a try, I am sure you will be pleased.


Ken Cundiff


Please call 856-468-1414 the morning you are coming, to make an appointment time.
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